Our products are created through combination of the unique flavors and colors of the raw materials grown naturally on terraces by the mountainous farming communities. Through our products, we are already adding value to twenty-five different agricultural products from Drachukha and many more from other farming communities across Bhutan.


We work in close partnership with the Drachukha Flower Group, founded by four young entrepreneurial women from a farming community in the Punakha Valley: Choki, Yangden, Wangchuk and Kinley. The Drachukha Flower Group grows edible flowers, herbs and spices and facilitates cultivation of ingredients by the surrounding communities.

Bhutan Blossoms require resources from the various pools including but not limited to manpower, infrastructure, intellectual, and financial capacities. The manpower is required for the preparation and maintenance of the flower fields and to the final stage of exporting or selling them to the relevant stakeholders. We have a team of most dedicated farmers to help build our vision to to empower rural communities and drive changes in Bhutan’s agricultural system towards sustainable, resilient, and organic farming practices. We always aimed at developing more lucrative and diverse working conditions for rural farming communities and empowering women and young people in the villages.


Drachukha, is a beautiful rural farming village in Central Bhutan. Most of the fertile farmland is used for rice cultivation during the main growing season, a crop which is central to their diet. They also all grow a variety of crops for home consumption, such that they depend very little on importing outside products. The rice terraces of Drachukha are located in the middle of a dense and wild highland old-growth forest, replete with wild animals such as tigers, takins, and bears, many of which survive only in Bhutan.

“Life in Drachukha is not easy. But our strong sense of community and the natural beauty of where we live give us more than enough reason to try sustaining ourselves and our families at home in our village!” says Choki Seldon, the leader of the women farmers’ cooperative.
Drachukha community is located within Jigme Dorji National Park which has high biodiversity value. The project wants build resilience by integrating regenerative agriculture into the surrounding ecosystems. The Cooperative has set up the first EU organic certified farms in Bhutan, contributing to Bhutan’s ambition to become the first entirely organic farmed country in the world. With the guaranteed market, the farmers have started targeted rotation of crops, inter-cropping of beneficial plants and inclusion of perennial plants into the farming system to increase biodiversity and improve soil health. 


The Bhutan Blossoms is a social enterprise in Bhutan founded with the purpose to solve social and environmental challenges our society currently faces. Bhutan Blossoms is a manufacturer of herbs, spices, teas and edible flower products. Through the creation of innovate healthy niche food products for local and international markets, the project aims to create a sustainable and resilient farming culture in the rural communities across the country.

Bhutan Blossoms will continue to develop products specifically to create solutions for problems and challenges identified in the agricultural system. The project aspires to represent and benefit all stakeholders in the value chain equally.
Hence, Bhutan Blossoms and the Drachukha Flower Group have agreed to take a profit sharing model forward where profits of the business to the Drachukha Flower Group annually.

"Through the creation of innovative healthy food products for local and international markets, we want to create a sustainable and resilient farming culture in the rural communities across the country."

Thinley Namgay

Founder, Bhutan Blossoms

"We had a school education, but decided to go back to our community to farm our parents' lands. Our parents have always done sustainable farming in the sense that they produced just enough for their families to eat. But we young people, we have to come up with new ideas to create sustainable livelihoods for ourselves and our families."

Choki Seldon

Chairperson, Drachukha Flower Group

“We want to develop inclusive business models that can ensure equal participation and representation of the stakeholders in a value-chain.”

Adrian von Bernstorff

CEO, Terra Himalaya in Bhutan


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